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“You’re a strange company. It’s like you’ve done a big line of ketamine and decided to save the world“

Anonymous, Really Good Culture Fan.

we’re a tech platform. we want to give a voice to anyone, so they can rate any face mask, gym, cereal, eight inch dildo, and all the other necessities in life. rating them based on all the things that make them really good, but not in a, “that tasted nice!‘’ or ‘’it arrived quick!‘’ kind of good, more like, they’re doing crazy positive, amazing things for the planet or the people living on it. we believe in the power of people who are trying make ethicality a part of their lives, and we want to share stories of those who are doing just that. we’re culture first, really good second (but we couldn’t call ourselves Culture Really Good, that would be silly), and we want to inspire people to find the most incredible, most wicked people, brands, and products that deserve to be in the spotlight. we’re a platform that strives to make ethicality a part of our overarching culture, our everyday life, but we don’t want to talk in carbon kilos, supply chain analyses, or count down the days until the Earth’s impending doom, we know they’re important, but not what everyone understands. we don’t want to preach to an echo chamber, they’re already in. we’re not like your GCSE maths teacher who lectured you with facts and figures until you were on the verge of tears because you STILL don’t know what a prime number is or understand what Pythagoras was going on about; we’re more like your chill English teacher that let you read aloud the swear words in the book you were studying. whether you’re a face painting, professional wrestler or a gal who just wants to crochet cool hats and party with DJs in Ibiza, we want you to be inspired by the really good people and the really good companies making really good stuff. we’re here to help start-ups who are making really good things. we’re fighting for the small and medium guys. we want to talk with an exciting and funny approach to ethicality. we think the best way to talk about difficult things is with humour. we’re about people who buy stuff, and we want to make sure they’re buying really good stuff. we want you to be absolutely buzzing when you discover the world of really good stuff we’re creating for you. we’re here to put the most incredible companies, with the most ethical products, built by the most insane founders, who are trying to make difference in the world in front of you, you won’t be able to miss them. we’re all about raising standards, raising awareness, and the occasional raising of eyebrows. you gotta crack a few eggs to make a global ethicality index for every single brand, product and company in the world, right? you know the saying. So, come and join us on this journey, where culture is king and ethicality is queen, and they just made some sweet regal love to pop out a little ethical court jester (that’s us). stick with it, we promise to keep it real (and really good).
















Really Good Score is

an ethicality score.

Powered by people.




Our mission is for

every product and company in the world to have a Really Good Score.

(Even if it’s a really bad, really good score).

Our vision is for companies to simply,

be really f*cking good.

Not ‘good’ because you like the taste, but good for big mama earth and her little goblin children.

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