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looking to get stocked at the UK’s biggest supermarkets?

get direct intros to the UK’s top supermarkets
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we’ve built a predictive AI that can showcase the likelihood of your product’s future success which we leverage and use to introduce brands (like you) to buying teams.
Here’s how it works:


build your wherefrom profile

get reviews. share your wins, struggles, innovations and commitments.


generate a breakthrough score

your personal partnership manager will review your profile and help guide and improve through this process.


get direct intros

once your profile and breakthrough score is ready, we’ll make direct intros to buying teams.

breakthrough scoreTM

At the heart of wherefrom’s predictive AI analysis the breakthrough scoreTM
The breakthrough score is made up of numerous elements, all designed to showcase the very best of products, using both qualitative and quantitive research and data points.
Market research panel data
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Trend data
Demographic data
Financial health
Sustainability confidence score
Net zero impact
Certifications & Accreditations

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